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If you are in need of the services of a professional garbage collector, you want to make sure that you hire an efficient, experienced team who are well-versed in all aspects of garbage collection. At first glance, it may seem that garbage collection services are rather basic; involving only the removal of garbage and waste from one location to another. But the fact is that modern garbage collectors must be educated about relevant environmental laws, and also be aware of any other restrictions or protocols pertaining to garbage collection. They must also have the technical know-how to dispose of items of unusual size or composition, as well as be top-drawer managers of schedules.

Trash Removal, Home Waste Removal and Garbage Collection Companies

What does your garbage collector offer for you? Garbage collection companies usually collect waste, garbage, trash, and even useless junk. Make sure when you are looking for a garbage collector, they are of a well-versed efficient and understand environmental state law. Obviously, understanding protocols for waste disposal. They a responsibility to dispose of waste that must also meet federal standard law and adhere to all policies for garbage disposal.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for the overall management of garbage collection of all kinds: The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was written to guide the EPA in this rather complicated oversight. The EPA has the ultimate responsibility for creating and, to some degree, enforcing the rules that regulate the disposal of household waste, manufacturing waste, industrial waste, and commercial waste. Though the EPA has wide powers in controlling how waste is dealt with, there are state and local levels of government who are responsible for developing local tactics and methods of garbage collection.

So, a garbage collection company in the United States has a responsibility to dispose of all materials and waste in such a way that meets local and federal standards; as a client of a garbage collection company, you must ensure that the garbage collection company you hire is responsible and will adhere to all policies and laws governing garbage disposal. After all, in the end, it is you who are responsible for where your garbage and waste ends up.

What Services Does A Garbage Collector Provide, Exactly?

This is a good question. A garbage collection company obviously collects and disposes of garbage and waste, but if we unpack that general responsibility, what specific services do they offer?

Information Providers

The last decade has seen a increase in the amount of waste that is being recycled in America. The EPA puts out reports on recycling rates in America; the most recent information was released in 2010 and, in that year, a 34.1 recycling rate was achieved. There is room for growth, it must be said, as the folks over at point out that Switzerland has achieved a 52% rate of recycling. Let’s call it the race for the global recycling crown.

The fact that improvement of recycling rates is a top priority at the EPA means that garbage collectors have found themselves on the front lines of this movement. Research has shown that the typical American supports recycling and, when provided with clear information, will happily comply with operating systems.

Garbage collection companies can and do educate their clients on how to best prepare their house waste in a way that matches up with the rules and regulations at local garbage dumps, recycling centers, and disposal centers.

Smart garbage collection companies will use their online real estate and their service technicians to get the word out how to recycle waste. They either provide by the Internet by way of a form of advertisement or a video providing information regarding garbage waste.

Many garbage collection companies create simple charts that home and business owners can follow when they are planning how to deal with their waste pre-pick-up. It is also common for professional garbage collection companies to have a garbage hot-line of sorts, allowing their customers to pick up a phone and get their questions answered quickly.

These educational efforts are important to the national effort to reduce waste and boost recycling.

Generate Renewable Energy

We don’t t usually think of garbage collection companies when we think of renewable energy. We just don’t. But the fact is the garbage collection companies do contribute to the creation of renewable energy. And here is how; as garbage decomposes in large landfills, it creates a gas that has methane in it. In turn, this gas can be turned into energy – and it is. If we look at the solid waste industry in America as a whole, we see that they have invested in 541 landfill-gas-to-energy projects. The renewable energy generated by these projects could provide electricity that could power 1.6 million homes for a year. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Create Re-Useable Materials

A garbage collection company is part of a system that re-purposes materials – so a material used in one way originally, can be recycled as used for another purpose. Pet bottles are a great example of this. America’s solid waste industry points out that an extra large t-shirt can be made from the fibers of just 5 pet bottles. Cool. And an incentive for individuals and companies to get organized about how they sort their trash.

What Can Do A Garbage Collection Company Do For Their Clients Specifically?

Knowing that your garbage collection company is part of a larger system working to bring the green into the industry is important. A garbage collection company can offer a company or organization services that are specifically suited to them; they can help get the vessels necessary for sorting garbage, educate operating managers on how best to ensure that garbage is being managed properly throughout the organization, arrange extra pick-ups when the volume of waste gets out of hand and more.

That a garbage collection company plays an important role in dealing with the massive amounts of garbage generated in America every day is clear. A well-managed garbage collection company can dispose of any kind of garbage, in any amount. And safely.

As this article stresses, we are all responsible for how the waste we generate is disposed of. This means that we have to absolutely trust the garbage collection company that we hire, to know about any follow all national and local guidance when it comes to managing waste. Our best advice is that you do your homework; check out your garbage collection company’ track record. Chances are you’ll find that they are reputable and ready to help you take out the trash.

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